Timber Cladding Treatment

An appealing way to set your house apart from the rest is to utilise timber cladding. When selecting timbers to use there are a variety of options that you can select from.

Cedar, as well as thermally modified wood, allow a less obvious join between sheets and are less likely to move over time. If you employ Timber Cladding Treatment regularly then this will slow the weathering process right down.

Osmo timber is less resistant to UV damage which can age the wood prematurely. However, it has an inbuilt protection oil that will slow down the degeneration process allowing for longer gaps between treatment, although the colour of timber may change in this time.

Sioo wood protection have a special product which can turn the timber silver. It allows you to age the wood rapidly thus meaning the timber changes colour at the same time rather than varying rates due to weather.

Why should I choose timber cladding that has been thermally modified?

Timber is comprised of three elements - lignin, hemicellulose and cellulose. When you thermally modify wood it changes the structure of the timber to prevent water from entering. Hemicellulose bonds with water so by heating the timber you are decreasing its ability to do so.

As a result of Timber Cladding Treatment, the wood can become hydrophobic (it cannot take on any more water), will be less likely to expand or shink and have increased longevity and stability.