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Available Franchises

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities available to you as a DeckSeal franchise owner, we invite you to explore the available franchises in the states around Australia.

Could you be a DeckSeal franchisee?

Then a DeckSeal franchise could be the perfect opportunity for you to secure your financial future and create a better work life balance for you and your family.

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to invest in your future.

The demand for DeckSeal services has increased well beyond our capacity and we are seeking motivated and driven individuals or teams to come on board as soon as possible.  Do not miss this opportunity or timing as we only have limited territories available available across Australia. Quotes and jobs are ready to go, we just need YOU!

Why DeckSeal is a great investment

Here are seven reasons why becoming a DeckSeal Franchisee is a great investment:

1. Niche business – Booming growth segment

The restoration and preservation of timber structures and decks is a niche business, placed within a significant growth market. There are very few businesses like it and none doing it to the standard of DeckSeal. The growth of the business has led to us being unable to service all the leads we receive due to time constraints or job location – key factors indicating the strong level of demand.

2. Diverse client base & repeat business

Most of our clients are happy to transition onto our structured ongoing maintenance program providing our franchisees with long term clients.

3. Large territories

As outlined in our Ongoing Support section, we have created large territories using our state of the art mapping platform that covers a broad demographic based on our territory formula.

4. We care!

Having built DeckSeal from the ground up, we know what it takes to succeed. We also understand the value of having a team of like minded people who are ready and willing to take on the hard work of having their own business.

5. You will be supported

Run your own business with the support of the master franchise. We get you the majority of the leads, we do the marketing and advertising! All you need to do is quote the job, win the job and complete the work.

6. Leaders in our field

We are known for our quality work and reliability.
With the majority of customers on ongoing structured maintenance programs and a large portion recommended to us via word of mouth, we have an established reputation for excellence in all that we do. With our ear to ground, we are constantly striving to find better ways to serve our clients by seeking and adopting innovative practices and processes.

7. We will train you

You don’t need experience in deck or timber restoration, BUT you do need to be motivated to succeed and committed to growing your own business. We are here to guide, educate and support our Franchisees every step of the way. As with our timber preservation and restoration work, we aim to get everything right from the start. Including, training our Franchisees to ensure they are completely prepared, skilled and confident in their new venture. 

Investing in a DeckSeal franchise allows you to start creating a future where you can build on your existing skills or quickly learn new ones that see you launching into a career where you call the shots!

Ready to become your own boss and join the DeckSeal family?

For an obligation free chat on the rewards of being part of a DeckSeal Franchise please contact Brian and Danielle on 1800 332 525 or complete the form below

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