Exterior Timber Door Restoration

Timber can add a touch of class to any house and transport you to another time when it was readily available. Nowadays, home-owners can be slightly inconvenienced with timber as does not retain heat as well as other materials. However, this is no reason not to retain wood when creating your welcoming, warm home - instead think of other ways to inject timber into your life. Utilising Exterior Timber Door Restoration we aim to maintain and upkeep the integrity of your house.

Exterior Timber Door Restoration

We can assist you with every step of the restoration process. Our qualified staff can help select appropriate timbers to use and stains to apply for structures such as decks, furniture and doors. We are quick and available when you require us, a requirement many other tradespeople neglect in this fast-paced society. Our specialists will select the best quality stain for you and employ their various skills in the restoration process. We can test shades of stains for you to determine which will bring out the best in your timber. With our quick-working staff and excellent pace your restored timber will be ready to admire in a few short days.

The Restoration Process

In some cases timber may have been left to weather and you think it could be too difficult to safeguard it.

Deckseal Revival believes that no piece of timber should be surrendered to the heap and with the correct materials and procedures most surfaces can be re-established. In many cases, breathing new life into your timber pieces or structures can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly rather than pulling it down and starting again. Exterior Timber Door Restoration is a specialised skill that we are proud to offer.

There are things you need to consider when updating your timber structure; For example, does the timber need sanding, when was it last stained and what is the state of the old covering?

Our customers have been blown away from what we could salvage in the restoration process. We can assist you in bringing back to life, decks, outdoor settings, timber doors, the options are endless. We take pride in our work and aim to leave you with a structure that is even better than how you remember it. We aim not to replace, rather renew timber, making our company an environmentally friendly choice.

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