Deck Staining | Professional Deck Staining Treatments for Melbourne

Deck Staining For Melbourne Homes

Deck staining and oiling is an integral part of maintaining a beautiful and functional deck space. Stains and Oils can bring out the finest of the wood’s colouration and grain, while protecting it from the elements. The key is to apply the stain and oil properly, so that it dries evenly and consistently.


The application of deck stain and oil is a process that is best not to rush. The best time to apply stain and oil is when the surface has been prepared properly.

Brush and applicator are our application tools, the natural fibres are unbeatable. They allow the stain and oil to better penetrate the fibres of the wood, producing a longer lasting stain and oil.

We coat the ends of the boards, and work this into the rest of the wood with smooth, long strokes. Two to three boards can be stained and oiled at a time. We always remember to keep a wet edge – a dry edge will become noticeable as the stain or oil dries out.

For brand new decks, we always make sure its cleaned and prepared properly before applying coats of stain or oil.

Maintaining your deck stain

DeckSeal can maintain your deck by re applying stain or oil from time to time. If water is still being repelled and not absorbed your stain or oil is still working. The deck will need just need a good clean. If not, it may be time for a fresh coat.

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