Deck Oiling: Revive your ailing deck

The natural elements in the world’s hottest continent can pack a mean punch. The same intense sunshine that has sent many of us home with a painful sunburn goes to work on our decks each year, and over time, many can lose their shine as the UV breaks them down.

Decks require maintenance to stay as new, but a full replacement of the boards is often unnecessary, as wood is easily revived. At Deckseal, we concentrate on utilising deck oiling techniques that bring your deck back to life.

Our deck refinishes utilise oils which bring the shine and the like-new look back to your deck. We utilise water-based oils, which bring a number of advantages to our processes. They adhere well to woods that have previously been oiled. They protect the wood, while still allowing it to breathe. They are the preferred oil for many woods that are typical of wood decks, such as cedar, redwood, and cypress. And they dry quickly, providing a strong coating without strong odours or environmentally-damaging solvents.

Our deck refinishing techniques are comprehensive, and involve stripping back any prior deck oiling in preparation for a generous coating of our vaunted deck oils. We take the boards back to bare wood, taking no short cuts, and ensuring that our application of oil is laid down perfectly, leaving a gleaming, natural wood finish, which rejects water and protects your deck.

Deck oiling with us is a fast, and easy method of reviving your faded deck this summer. Contact Deckseal to find out more.