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Make your outdoor spaces sparkle with our professional deck cleaning services.

You want your property to look good, both inside and out. After all, this is where great times are had — and great memories are made — with family and friends. Your decking area is no exception.

With expert deck cleaning from the team at DeckSeal, you can bring your timber back to its best. With a bit of care and a healthy dose of expertise, we can make it look almost new again.

What’s taking away that sparkle?

There are lots of factors that can make your decking look tired and worn. These include:

At DeckSeal, we utilise expert techniques and only the best materials to bring your deck back to its best. Reach out to our team for a free quote or read on to discover more about our process.

If you need deck clean, DeckSeal is the team to call.

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Doing things the right way, for our clients and their decking

The DeckSeal treatment delivers an exceptionally durable, long-lasting finish, which enhances the characteristics of the timber grain.

We go the 

extra mile for

our clients

We always use

the best of care when

treating your timber

We take the time

to assess what you

really need

We give you

the service your

deck truly deserves

Our team is always on hand to offer you any further information you may need. To get a professional assessment and to enjoy expert deck cleaning services reach out today for a quote.

More than just a scrub!

We understand that every project is different, just like every property, every client, and every area of decking is different. This is why we approach each project with an open-minded attitude. We also take the time to get to know what you need before we put our deck cleaning and recovery plan into action.

1) The inspection

Before we begin cleaning the deck, we conduct an inspection. We need to check out its current condition, as well as any other considerations, before we get to work.

2) Prepare and Clean

We prepare and clean the surface with our professional-grade cleaning materials, removing oils, tannins and stains as this is an extremely important part of the process prior to coating.

3) Pressure Wash

We will then pressure wash your deck thoroughly using specialist equipment.

4) Oil, Stain or Paint

Now the deck is ready for numerous coats of a high-performance deck oil, deck stain or deck paint.

Our clients love us

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective, which is why so many of our jobs come from client referrals and repeat business.