All About Deck Cleaning: 5 Steps to a Sparkling Clean Deck This Summer

All About Deck Cleaning: 5 Steps to a Sparkling Clean Deck This Summer

Feb 5, 2024 | Blog

The sun-soaked landscapes and diverse climates that we so enjoy as Australians also offer a unique opportunity for outdoor living. This makes our decks an essential part of many homes and backyards, but we also know that these harsh elements mean that maintaining decking is a constant challenge. Just one important component of deck maintenance is cleaning, and it’s actually important that your deck cleaning regimen involves more than just a broom and a hose. This month, we take a look into the intricacies of proper cleaning for your deck, which is one of the secrets to maintaining your deck in the Australian elements. Make sure that your decking can withstand our Aussie weather, and remain the outdoor haven that you love.

Understanding the Australian Elements

Our climate is generally one of extremes, from the scorching sun to the heavy rain that some areas of Australia have been seeing in recent weeks and months. Aussie weather is a unique combination of UV radiation and variations in temperature, and this can wreak havoc on your decking. Issues like fading, discolouration, mould, and mildew growth are common, and in order to combat these challenges, a regular and robust cleaning routine is really important.

Step 1: Deck Inspection – Knowing the State of Play

Before you dive right into the cleaning process, it’s important to conduct a thorough inspection of your decking. This is when you check for any loose boards, nails that might be protruding, or signs of structural damage. It’s critical to carry out such an inspection at regular intervals so that you can address potential issues as they arise, and to ensure that your deck remains safe and stable. Pay careful attention to your whole deck, but also focus on areas of heavy foot traffic, as they might require more attention and cleaning.

Step 2: Clear Your Deck

The next step is to start the cleaning by removing everything from the deck itself. This means all furniture, potted plants, tools, decorations, and outdoor accessories. While it might be tempting to simply clean around bulkier items like furniture, this is not a good idea. You’re aiming for a thorough cleaning in order to keep your deck well-maintained, so it’s important to start with a totally blank canvas. Place all the items you have removed from your decking in a safe place where they won’t be splashed with water or cleaning solution, and cover any delicate plants in order to protect them.

Step 3: Sweeping and Clearing Debris

Now the cleaning really begins with a good sweep. Grab your broom and sweep away any loose debris such as dirt, leaves, twigs, and branches. Here, using a hard bristled broom designed for outdoor use is important, because you want to be able to sweep away as much as you can, and not leave behind the dirt and debris that a softer bristled broom might. This step in the process ensures that your surface is free from any of the dust, dirt, and garden matter that can hinder the cleaning solution from doing their job properly.

Step 4: Choosing the Right Cleaning Solution

When it comes to deck cleaning, it’s important to choose a great cleaning solution, and you should also consider the climate of your particular area when making this decision. There are some fantastic cleaners on the market that are designed to clean decks in the Aussie climate. Other things to consider are any potential tough stains on your deck, or mould or mildew growth, which will need more attention. When you do select a cleaning solution, ensure that you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and applying, and for safe application. In addition, always test the product on a small and inconspicuous patch of your decking to ensure compatibility.

Step 5: High-Pressure Washing – The Potential Further Step

Pressure watching can be a powerful tool for keeping decks clean, especially when it comes to deeply ingrained dirt and stains. However, this is a further step that should be used cautiously. You must ensure that the pressure is appropriate for the particular material that your decking is made from, because excessive pressure can damage the wood. It is also critical to maintain a consistent distance and angle to avoid creating uneven surfaces or causing splintering. If your decking needs to be pressure washed, consider calling in these experts will be able to professionally high-pressure wash your deck and ensure that the result is pristine.

Do You Need Deck Cleaning?

At DeckSeal, we firmly believe that regular maintenance is essential to the health and longevity of your decking, and that a regular cleaning routine is a critical component of proper deck maintenance. If you have been inspired by this article to give your deck a thorough clean, then why not rely on the expertise and professionalism of the DeckSeal team? We can provide you with a suite of deck cleaning and deck maintenance services including deck staining, oiling, and painting, and deck restoration.

Let us take care of your deck this summer, and get in touch with us by calling 1800 332 525 or by filling out our online contact form!

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