Deck Staining

How to apply deck stain

The application of deck staining is a process that is best not to rush. The most effective time to apply stain is when the temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees celsius and rain has not been forecast.

Using natural bristle brushes are the best choice as they allow the stain to better permeate the fibres of the wood producing a longer lasting stain.

Heavily coat the ends of the boards at the beginning then work this into the rest of the wood with smooth, long strokes. Two to three boards can be stained at a time.

Avoid marks where you have gone up and down the board by keeping an edge wet then brushing the wet stain in this area when you begin the next section.

For brand new decks, apply just one coat of oil-based stain.

If your deck is made from recycled materials and wood, known as composite decking, refer to the instructions from your manufacturer.

When applying stain, less is more! If deck staining is over-applied you can be left with a sticky mess that is prone to moisture and cracking.

Maintaining your deck stain

Maintain your stain by re-applying from time to time. When should you do this? If water is still being repelled and not absorbed your stain is still working. The deck will need just need a good clean.
For professional assessment and application of a stain onto your timber deck, contact Deckseal Revival.